QuickTime Help for Windows

Which Browser should I use?

Most Browsers work well but Safari was designed to be compatible with QuickTime. Explorer it is good too butFirefox tends not to work well with streams.

How can I test my system for the CME live QuickTime Webcasts?

Try out these movies, if they stream properly you are set to receive our live streams.

How do I set my streaming speed for live streams?

You do this with the edit menu with Quicktime player or the pull down menu at the lower right hand corner of the player imbedded in a Web page. Click here to see a video of a change from a higher speed (256Kbits/sec) to a lower speed (112 Kbits/sec).

What should a QuickTime presentation look like ?

Very good! There should be one window with the speaker and the slides or the speaker only. You should hear the speaker talking. You will see animated slides, the moving cursor and videos.

Note: We stream a rate of about 200 KBits/sec. You will need a DSL or cable connection to see the presentations.

We also have an audio only stream for slower connections (telephone modem)

Is QuickTime installed on my computer?

If you can see two presenters, QuickTime is installed.

If you see one presenter, either QuickTime is not installed or another player such as Media-Player is trying to play the QuickTIme movie. Media-Player will try to play a QuickTime movie if the .mov extension has been allocated to Media-Player and not to QuickTime Player. The Media-Player application will open but not play the movie.

e.g. note the red circled area of the next figure that shows Media-Player trying and failing to play a Quicktime movie

If I do not see two presenters in question 2, how do I check to see if QuickTime is on my computer?

Use the find function in the start menu

What do I do if I do not have QuickTime?

Download QuickTime. The free player works very well but the Pro version does added useful additional features.

What do I do if QuickTime is installed but the videos are opened by another player?

Try opening QuickTime directly and running the update feature.

If the application asks you if you want to associate QuickTime files to QuickTime, the answer is yes!

To avoid Future problems:

Check the presence that warns that another program is changing the file associations:

Select preferences on the Edit menu of the QuickTime Player.

Select QuickTime Settings

Use the pull down menu and select File Type associations.

Make sure the "notify me" box is check.

How do I check for a QuickTime update?

Open QuickTime Play and under the Help Menu and select the Update software feature.

If the application asks you if you want to associate QuickTime files to QuickTime, the answer is yes!

I can see the progressive downloads, but not the live presentations!

Some fire walls stop streaming over selected ports. Check that your QuickTime streaming port is set up properly. Be sure your streaming transport is set to custom http on port 80.

I can see the progressive downloads, but they stop before they are finished!

Progressive downloads give the best quality but they must transfer the whole video file to your disk drive. These files range in size from 20 to 120 MBytes. Check to see if you have enough space on your disk

I can not hear the presentation or the volume is too low.

Check your audio settings and connections

Increase the QuickTime volume (hold down the shift key!)

How do it enlarge the image on QTPlayer

Click on and drag the lower right corner

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