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    The Symptoms:

    • This is a case report series based on real patients, built around a graphic backbone.
    • Much of the communication is visual. The graphic forms an image of the teaching points.
    • The characters are based on needs and more than one case will unfold with each episode.
    • The teaching points are folded into the graphics, the images, references, reports and the quiz.
    • The episodes allow you, as the narrative progresses, to reflect , consult the references and if you wish to form a self study project.
    • The series is intended to promote reflection and the sharing of ideas in a community linked by the forum. (you need a password for this)

    How to use the Symptoms:

    • Follow the evolution of the cases (Enjoy Jesse Bochner's great graphics)
    • Reflect on the narrative, the differential diagnosis, the tests , and the actions you would take.
    • Visit the references and explore the online resources to reflect on and deepen your knowledge.
    • Take the quiz (you will need a password for this)
    • Reflect on your answers.
    • Share your ideas on the forum (don't be a lurker!), stimulate others to reflect, and be stimulated in turn.
    • Give us feedback and fill out the evaluation form at least once.


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There are many 4 kinds of credits that you can claim.

  • Royal College: Section 4*
  • Royal College: Section 2**
  • Main Pro M2 **
  • AMA PRA 2.**

*Section 4 credits from the Royal College are for a self-study project which requires you to register on the Web site of the Royal College .

** These are self accredited