Clinical decision support: Neurological Syndromes

Medical professionals can get a "simultaneous consult" about a patient's diagnosis by entering findings into SimulConsult's medical decision support software. The software suggests diagnoses and identifies other findings and lab tests useful in reaching a diagnosis, based on information about diseases collected in a wiki-like fashion from a large peer-reviewed community of experts.

Note: This program was not developed by McGill and McGill is not responsible for the accuracy or the validity of results it produces. McGill considers this program as educational and not for patient care. There is literature on this software and we invite you to add your comments to the forum on this program.


For the purposes of education, one of the most relevant features of the software is the "Importance" display found as green shading on the "Patient's findings" tab in the basic level of the software. This is a great discussion tool for focusing on the important clinical and lab findings, and is a great motivator for the importance of learning physical diagnosis as the window to all other knowledge in medicine.

Clinical Decision Support software, the application for clinical support and teaching.

Interview by Dr. Michael Rosengarten of Dr. Michael Segal.

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Risk calculator (VI)

This risk calculator is based on the Framingham study results. It gives an estimate of a person's 10 year cardiovascular risk as well as the amount of reversible risk. It uses gender, diabetes, systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as total cholesterol and the value of the high density cholesterol in either mg/dl or mmol/l. The BMI can be calculated from the person's height in meters or feet and weight in pounds or kilograms.

It was derived from an algorithm from the NIH based on the Framingham study. See this URL for further information on the assumptions used for this calculator.

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Geriatric Risk Assessment (A Virtual Home Visit, Dr. G. Duque)
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Shoulder Exam Module (Dr. M. Stein)

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